16 Aug

Things to consider when designing a patio

Outdoor spaces such as porches, balconies, and backyards add immense value to your home, especially when well-maintained.

These outdoor spaces shouldn’t be neglected, not only because they help appreciate your property’s worth, but also because they can help improve the quality of your daily life within your home.

Outdoor spaces make a good recreational or dining area where your family can spend time together! And the size of the space does not matter much — a small space can be transformed into a personal haven with the right furniture and styling!

If you are on a mission to reinvent your outdoor space, here are some tips to help you get started.

Include a comfortable seating area 

An outdoor room or patio is a good place to have your afternoon tea or even your family dinner.

The first step to an outdoor space that your family loves is to create a seating area with comfortable chairs. You don’t even have to buy a whole set of matching chairs for this — you can just mix and match benches, chairs, stools or even sofas around a table for a homey feel that suits your family’s personality.

Just make sure to proportion the number of chairs according to the size of your outdoor space so the room won’t feel crowded.

Enclosed patio area with Pool Safe screens

Maximize your outdoor space 

For large yards, create separate dining and seating areas by using furniture dividers or by grouping the spaces together with different rugs.

In large outdoor spaces, it’s a good idea to form a traffic flow by creating pathways for people to easily move around. Get creative with paving materials for a formal pathway and wood chips or bark mulches for a more outdoor-type design. Potted plants are also good for establishing walkways.

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Establish a focal point 

A million interior designers can’t be wrong — create a focal point to create attraction to space. A focal point will be the centerpiece of the theme or design of your outdoor living space. It can be a fireplace, which is very useful during cold seasons, or if you have large space, a small pond or pool could look nice.

For smaller spaces, a sofa set or an interesting sculpture can be the focal point.

Make an easy indoor access 

Place your outdoor room or patio in a space that is easily accessible from a room (or rooms) of the house. It may be the living room, the master’s bedroom or even the kitchen.
The more accessible it is, the more it will be used. This will also be very helpful for easy transport of things (like food, drinks, tableware, etc.) to and from the outdoor living room.

Consider a little privacy 

Although it’s nice to have an outdoor space where people can relax and have a little chat, not everyone is keen on the idea of being watched. It may help to plant small trees and shrubs to screen a side of your outdoor room or patio, but still preserve the openness of the area. Placing garden trellises with vines will also work.

Create an outdoor room or patio enclosure with Suncoast

Another important to thing to consider when designing your outdoor room or patio is having an enclosure. Imagine enjoying the outdoors without dealing with flies, mosquitos and other insects. With an outdoor room enclosure, there’s no need to rush inside the house when the rain suddenly falls down.

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