9 Sep

Time to spring clean outdoors

Time to spring clean your outdoor area

Spring brings the excitement that winter is on its way out and the warmer weather is ahead. With this usually comes the urge to give the house a good “Spring Clean”.

We usually make sure everything is sparkling clean indoors, everything is in its place and our furniture are to match what’s on trend. But what about your outdoor living space? Whether it be the deck, Alfresco area or a patio, these can often be a little neglected.

Let’s make this spring the one where your outdoor area becomes the main focus. Time to focus on your BBQ’s and gatherings, not on the quick clean up prior. There are numerous hard surfaces within our yards; fountains, pavers and furniture to name a few. All of these items require some yearly love as well.

Outdoor furniture

If you have timber furniture, make sure that all of the joins are secure without sharp bits sticking out. If they are looking a little weathered, maybe a light sand and a re-oil could give them a new lease of life. Other furniture can usually be hosed down and washed with a soft brush. If the cushions need some extra attention you can add some detergent. Make sure you check the labels first to make sure that what you are using is suitable for the materials.

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Now is the time to clean the filters and perhaps give the surfaces a bit of a scrub. Do this to remove any mould or debris that has gathered over the winter months. Keep in mind that any water holding items are a breeding ground for mosquitoes, so you will need to keep an eye on these areas as well.

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Pavers and Tiles

These items also seem to collect some mould over the winter months, so they may also need a bit of a scrub. If left, they could become a slip hazard!

Pools & Tiles

The pool areas is another area which requires constant maintenance. Check the PH balance, water levels, remove the leaves and debris. Clean the tiles around the pool to remove any built up mould or debris to ensure they are not a slip hazard.

Another area that sometimes needs some attention is your patio roof. If this is a single skin roof, it could probably do with a good clean using some mild detergent and a soft brush. Insulated patio roofing can easily be wiped down with a damp cloth. Don’t forget to check the gutters on the house, Alfresco areas and Patios as well!

The Garden

Over the winter months a lot of debris can build up in your garden with fallen leaves, dead ornamental grasses etc. These can be chopped up and put into the compost. The smaller they are the quicker they will compost.

It’s also time to prune your shrubs to maintain their shape and size and this also helps to promote flowers and fruit. It is a good idea to check that the plant actually requires pruning before hand as some shrubs and trees do not.

Do you have an idea forming of a garden that you want to plant? Now is the best time to replenish the soil with some nutrients, add some air by turning the soil with a spade or a pitchfork and remove the weeds. This is best done a couple of weeks prior to planting, so that the soil is ready for its new plants.

Pool enclosure

Install an enclosure

Let us make the outdoor Spring clean a little easier for you. 

By installing an Alfresco/patio enclosure or an enclosure for your pool, the clean up becomes that little less overwhelming and time consuming. A screened enclosure helps to keep the leaves and debris out of these areas. By installing a Pool enclosure, you can save both time and money. The enclosure helps to minimise water and chemical evaporation and stops air-borne debris entering the area.

See our product galleries for inspiration on how we can create your perfect Outdoor Sanctuary. Don’t see anything that takes your fancy? Contact us today and we will make your outdoor dreams come alive.