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Are you really making use of your outdoor entertaining area?

Homeowners face many obstacles having an open patio or alfresco area, including pesky insects like mozzies, stray wildlife and the constant cleaning of air borne debris.

It’s fairly commonplace to design houses with larger outdoor entertaining areas these days.

Many people are not really using that extra space to its full advantage due to the threat of annoying mosquitoes and insects.

How Insects & Pests Usually Ruin Your Outdoor Experience

BBQ on the patio

A typical scenario: You come home from a hard day’s work and decide to have a bbq for dinner, which is usually located in the patio area.


After looking outside and seeing the mess created by leaves and dust along with the multiple bird droppings on the outdoor furniture, you decide that it’s easier to eat inside – besides, the mosquitos and midges are starting to come out now.

You still go outside to cook the bbq and as the chef, you are the only person unfortunate enough to be exposed to the pests. The feeling of being outside after a big day in the office slightly lessens the discomfort of the aerial attack.

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way – How To Protect Your Outdoor Area

There are options available to make the outdoor area feel like a genuine extension of the house without losing the outdoor vibe.

Enclose Your Patio or Alfreso Area

Outdoor Patio

If you only have a small outdoor or alfresco area, you can create more space by installing an insulated patio roof.

Insulated roofing can come in many forms and you can make the area as large as you like, or as large as the council you live in allows.

Your patio or alfresco area can then be enclosed by one of the seven different screens available or a mix and match of several different screens.

Now, the bugs, mozzies and midges remain on the outside of the screen while yourself and your guests dine in comfort.

Fixed Screening Systems

Screen enclosed with insulated roof on outdoor area in SE QLD

The common practice has always been to have screen doors leading out to the entertaining area.

Nowadays, there are more people shifting the screening to the walls of their outdoor area creating a seamless transition from inside to outside.

A good fixed screening system with access doors will heavily reduce any required maintenance whilst still maintaining the views and breeze. These benefits can be altered by different density screens.

Other benefits include keeping your pets in a controlled environment and the opportunity to use pool safe screen barriers if you have a pool.

Fixed screening systems are a great way to link up your indoor and outdoor area without losing the outdoor feel.

Control The Environment With Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds are a popular addition and are great for keeping the sun at bay and offering weather protection.

Outdoor blinds are a great option if you want to turn your outdoor area into more of an interior room.

The only thing that outdoor blinds aren’t as good for is protecting against bugs and retaining good natural lighting / airflow.

For the ideal entertaining area enclosed using outdoor blinds, you should couple your outdoor blinds with some good controlled lighting, outdoor fans and/or heaters.

Do it this way and your entertaining area can be a source of family fun and relaxation all year around.

How to Minimize Mosquitoes & Other Harmful Bugs


Following the continuous rain over the past few months, mozzies and other bugs will be breeding like crazy. The reason for this is because lay their eggs in bodies of water, big or small.

The best way to minimize the number of mozzies around the home is to ensure that any items that can catch or contain water are being emptied regularly.

Mozzies carry many different diseases and people who are bitten can react very differently. Some have no reaction; others can end up with a life long illness.

The best way to stay safe and comfortable is to minimise being bitten by using a mosquito repellent, bug zapper or by enclosing your outdoor area so they bugs cannot get in.

Enclosing Your Outdoor Living Space – We Can Help

At Suncoast Outdoor Living, our main focus is to be able to help you create the perfect Outdoor Sanctuary for your family.

An outdoor enclosure will upgrade your lifestyle and it can even add value to your property in some cases.

We do all of the leg work including Council Approvals and QBCC Insurance, which means the build is hassle free for you.

Contact us today and we will make your outdoor room a reality.

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