18 May

Do Your Indoor & Outdoor Spring Cleaning in Autumn

Did you know that now is the best time to get that “spring cleaning” done, even though it is only Autumn? Your screened enclosure needs a little TLC from time to time and what better time to do it than during the ‘off season’?

Sunrooms, patio and alfesco enclosures not only increase your home’s value, but expand your living areas and lifestyles – if kept clean and in good condition!

Clean your outdoor areas now so you can enjoy later – when the good weather is back!

Minimise the fire danger

By cleaning everything thoroughly, yes even under the furniture and behind the fridge, house fires during winter can be minimised. A lot of dust usually collects over the warmer months, as we have windows and doors etc open more frequently. By cleaning your house windows, you can allow more warmth to radiate through the home instead of relying on heating devices.

Screened Enclosures

Now is also a great time to clean your screened enclosures so that they allow more of that winter sun into your outdoor areas. By giving your outdoor pet screen a sweep over with a soft broom and then a wash with some mild detergent and a soft broom can actually extend the life span of the mesh.

Woman with her 2 cats in an outdoor enclosure
Cleaning your pet enclosure will improve the view for your furry friends.

Like everything outdoors, the screens will collect dust. By showing them a little love, your screens will come up looking like new again. If the screens are getting old, it is important to keep a check on them, especially if they are used around your pool area. If they are starting to look a little grey or show signs of wear and tear, get in touch and we can come out and reinspect for you.

Your insulated patio roofing can be wiped over with a damp sponge and it will sparkle like new. Winter is usually a time where the germs come out to play, so by disinfecting your garbage bins, toilet brushes and all surfaces, you can help to reduce the amount of sickness creating germs in your home.

Happy cleaning everyone!

Install an enclosure

Let us make the outdoor “Spring” clean a little easier for you. 

By installing an Alfresco/patio enclosure the clean up becomes that little less overwhelming and time consuming. A screened enclosure helps to keep the leaves and debris out of these areas. By installing a Pool enclosure, you can save both time and money. The enclosure helps to minimise water and chemical evaporation and stops air-borne debris entering the area.

See our product galleries for inspiration on how we can create your perfect Outdoor Sanctuary. Don’t see anything that takes your fancy? Contact us and we will make your outdoor dreams come alive.