10 Jul

Do you live in SE Queensland? It might be time to invest in a Screened Enclosure

Not everyone has heard of or even knows what Screened Enclosures are and is therefore unaware of their many benefits.  Many think that by installing an enclosure you will be sheltered away from the outdoors and that they look unappealing.  In fact, quite the opposite is true.

If any of the below resonates with you, then it may be time to invest in a screened enclosure.

You have an outdoor area at home but are unable to relax!

Many homes invest in a beautiful outdoor area by installing a patio but find that they do not utilise the area as they thought.  This is mostly because of the annoying insects, mozzies, bugs and other elements that tend to spoil the ambience.  A screened patio enclosure will give you the freedom to be able to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

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Are the bugs keeping you inside?

A screened enclosure is the most effective way to eliminate and protect you from pests and allows you to actually relax whilst enjoying the outdoors.  The screens do not interrupt or impair the surrounding views either.  They allow the refreshing breeze to flow through but keep those pests out.  Suncoast Outdoor Living has seven different screens that you can choose from and these can also be mixed and matched depending on your area and requirements.

You have a pool and get frustrated by the constant leaves and debris!

There are numerous reasons to install a Pool Enclosure.  Not only by decreasing the water evaporation and lessening the use of chemicals but by stopping the bugs and mozzies eating you whilst you’re trying to enjoy the water.

A pool enclosure can give you a sense of privacy also when you are swimming.  They also look very classy when surrounding a pool.

A pool enclosure will help keep your pool clean of leaves, sticks and other objects clogging up the filters, providing you with more time to actually enjoy your pool.

You want an outdoor area that feels like part of your home!

By installing a patio enclosure, this can provide the sense of indoor/outdoor living.  It creates a sense of seamless transition from the home to the patio or alfresco area.  You will still be outside in these areas but by having the enclosure you can keep the doors open and create and extended area to enjoy with your family and friends.

To get true inspiration on how your home can be transformed browse through our Inspiration Gallery.

You want to keep your pets safe outdoors whilst still being indoors!

A patio enclosure is not only somewhere for you and your family to gather, but also a great place for your pets to enjoy.  With most councils wanting pets kept within the property boundaries, it is almost impossible to keep cats, especially at home.  A Pet Enclosure will add a space that allows your pet to be outdoors enjoying the sunshine and fresh air but also keeps them contained and safe. 

Simple to keep clean

You don’t need expensive equipment to keep your screened enclosure clean.  Just a bucket of mild soapy water and a soft broom.  Wet down the screen, brush over with the broom and rinse.  You can let the sun dry it off or use a garden blower to dry the screen.

If using a pressure cleaner, it is not recommended to stand too close and only use low pressure.

Do this every couple of months and the screen will last for many years.

Get in now!

Now is the time to start organising your outdoor areas in readiness to be able to enjoy the warmth and sunshine come summer.

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