8 Aug

Winter is almost over

With the winter months almost behind us, Spring and Summer are fast approaching.

During winter, many of us don’t do much around the outdoors because of the cooler weather and the fact that we don’t utilise the outdoor area very much.

Now is the time to start planning your spring spruce up!

Get your outdoor area ready for summer

Most of us begin indoors; cleaning out cupboards, tidying the pantry shelves etc etc, but,  make sure you don’t forget about the outdoor entertaining areas also.

As the weather begins to warm, we all start to migrate to the outdoors just that little bit more.  Unfortunately, so do the mosquitoes, Midgies and other pesky bugs.

Can you imagine having an impromptu family gathering and being embarrassed that your outdoor area is not how you would have liked it?

It’s now time to get on top of the outdoor cleanup, before the heat hits.

screened enclosure suncoast outdoor living

How to clean your outdoor enclosure

Your outdoor insulated patio, Alfresco and patio enclosure or pool enclosure, would be some of the pricier items that you have invested on in your home so make sure they retain their value by giving them a good going over.

Insulated patio roofing is so easy to clean.  No scrubbing involved, just use a damp cloth and the dust and marks usually just wipe away.  If not use a mild detergent with your cloth and these marks will just vanish.

To clean the screened or pool enclosure, wipe over with a soft broom to remove any dust, then wet the broom with some water and mild detergent and wipe over.  Do this to both sides of the screen and it will come up like new.  Rinse with clean water and if you like, you can even dry it off with the garden blower.

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Amp up the ambience

Now that the actual area is looking fabulous, don’t forget to give the furniture some extra love also.  If you need to change it up a little, get some new brighter cushion covers and a vibrant table cloth.  Amazing the difference to the area that some new colour can achieve.

Add a few candles or lighting to soften the mood for those romantic times or add some extra colourful lights for when you are in party mode.

Moving beyond the entertaining areas and further into the yard.  Check over any fountains, ponds, pavers etc to make sure that they haven’t collected any mould throughout the colder months.  Give all of these a good clean also and that way the area leading into your outdoor entertaining area will create a good ambience prior to getting into the area.

Keep your pets safe from bugs and snakes

With the weather warming this is also the time that the bugs, snakes and other creepy crawlies begin to emerge.

By installing a Suncoast Outdoor Living screened enclosure this can add a safe place for your pets to enjoy the sunshine without you having to worry that they may encounter Cane Toads, Snakes or other things that they think of as an easy snack or chew toy.  This can give you peace of mind whilst you are not at home.

All in all, now is the time to set yourself up for a spring of outdoor entertaining with family and friends.

Get in now!

Now is the time to start organising your outdoor areas in readiness to be able to enjoy the warmth and sunshine come summer.

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