Our smart Ausdeck dimmable LED downlights are the perfect finishing touch for your new insulated patio.

Using a fire resistant enclosure which minimises the ambient operating temperature, the lights can switched between 3 colours: Cool White, Warm White and Neutral White so you can match the existing lighting in your house.

The Ausdeck downlights come with a 3-year warranty and although they are a plug and play, we recommend getting them hard wired by a licensed electrician.

LED downlights must be suitable for use with insulated patio roofing.

If you would prefer to have your own lighting installed, our installation team can assist with the necessary provisions.

Downlight Spec Sheet


There are a lot of fans available for outdoor living so we leave that choice to our customers to choose their own, making sure that they are suitable for exterior conditions.

The wiring and conduit for fans can be pulled through at the time of the patio roof build by our team and then connected by a licensed electrician.

Our team can talk to you about the recommended heights and patio designs to make a fan viable.