Here are a few of the common lines you’ll hear in the industry and here is what they really mean


Q: “We will give you a discount if we can use your job as a display.” The ‘display close’ as it’s known, is used by some in the industry to offer a discount when you are shocked by the price.
A: At Suncoast Outdoor Living, we don’t play games. Our pencil is sharp when we do our pricing, so there is no ‘spare money’ in the job to later discount. You’re getting our best price first up.

Q: “I’ve just spoken to the boss and we have some excess stock.”
A: Almost everything we do is custom made or manufactured for your project so having excess stock is very rare in our industry. Again this is just another way of some patio or enclosure companies offering you a discount which is nearly always built into their initial pricing.

Q: “Our single skin patio roof is comparable to insulated roofing.”
A: Without a doubt the biggest lie in the industry. The benefits of insulated roofing over the single skin product is worth every cent of the extra investment. If someone is trying to sell you the single skin product and states that it is more superior it’s usually because they make a lot more money with the inferior product. In a nutshell, the customers’ needs come second to their greed. Don’t get us wrong the single skin product is great for the budget conscious and for applications like a carport but it is no way a superior product.

Q: You don’t need council approvals”
A: We hear stories all the time where customers are told they don’t need council approval just so the salesperson can reduce the costs to get a sale. Yes, there are some instances where council approvals are not required but make sure you get that in writing and be aware that you run the risk of having an uncomfortable situation if you ever sell your house. Again this is the benefit of dealing with a reputable company that will still be in business when the time comes.

Q: “We offer free drafting” or “we offer free council approvals”
A: Nothing in business is free – it’s as simple as that. Although this may be used as a promotion by some companies it’s simply that a promotional drawcard. The cost is there and has to be passed on somewhere – likely built in elsewhere.
Council costs are simply not negotiable. At Suncoast Outdoor Living we itemise the council costs on our proposals so you know exactly what they are. Fees do vary with the various councils and at Suncoast Outdoor Living we use one of Queensland’s best certifiers to make sure we end up with the best result for our clients.

Q: “Dark insulated roofing colours do not have a warranty”
A: Although this was the case several years ago, it is not now. After several years of testing to make sure the darker colours don’t delaminate, several insulated roofing companies including Ausdeck (who we work with) offer a full 15-year warranty on all colours.

Q: “You need to make a decision today!”
A: Some companies are very good a pressuring people with all sorts of tactics to force a decision on the spot. “That special price goes out the door when I do”is the policy of some companies because they don’t want you comparing or doing your due diligence. If you have any doubts or don’t believe you have looked at all your options DO NOT SIGN anything. By all means, if you are comfortable with what has been presented and it fits your needs and the company you are dealing with has a good track record, get the ball rolling. At Suncoast Outdoor Living we understand it is a big investment and that your time is valuable. We would rather present you with an itemised detailed proposal for your perusal at your convenience. We guarantee that you will not be harassed into a decision when you get a quote from us.

Q: “Interest-Free Plans”
A: We looked at several different options with payment plans and the big misconception of ‘interest-free payments’. We don’t offer interest-free options as we want to be fully transparent. Nothing is free; the cost has to be covered and would be built into the job. From our research, charges range from 9.8% to a whopping 24.9% depending on how long you want the payment plan for. Please do your homework on this option before using; you may save yourself a lot of hard earned money.


At Suncoast Outdoor Living we have many years of experience designing and constructing outdoor living areas and getting the relevant insurance and council approvals. We will take care of all your approvals for you so you don’t need to worry about a thing.


The moment your QBCC and council approvals have been received, Suncoast Outdoor Living will then order the materials to be delivered straight to your address, ready for the construction phase to begin.

For jobs that don’t need the relevant building approvals the materials are ordered on Suncoast Outdoor Living receiving the deposit.


Once your materials arrive at your place, we know you will be getting excited, because before you know it, your Suncoast Outdoor Living Construction Team is about to arrive and start building your new addition – quickly, professionally, safely and without leaving any mess.


Before you know, we will have finished your job, and we will demonstrate the features of your new building and give you all the helpful maintenance tips and tricks that will keep your structure looking its best for many years to come.