Patios and Alfresco Enclosures

Enclosing your outdoor living area with an enclosed patio or porch opens up your home and lifestyle by providing a beautiful outdoor patio you will want to enjoy, entertain and spend time in.

No more coming home to a messy outdoor porch which often leaves us deciding to simply stay inside. Enjoy a BBQ and a cool drink on your new cutom built enclosed patio at the end of a day without having to do a big clean up first.

Imagine a barbecue with no flies. Imagine an evening outside with no mosquitoes or midges. Wouldn’t it be nice!

Sunrooms, patio and alfesco enclosures not only increase your home’s value, but expand your living areas and lifestyles. If you have a nice place to entertain and invite friends to share, you’ll be more likely to do so. Suncoast Outdoor Living modern enclosures or screened rooms keep you warmer in the winter and provide much needed shade during the hot summer months.


Patio or Alfresco enclosures have a number of practical benefits, including:

  • More usable enclosed patio entertaining area
  • Protection from flies, midges, mozzies, birds, cane toads, snakes and other unwanted pests on your enclosed patio
  • Elimination of leaf and airborne debris in your enclosed porch
  • Maintains your view or create privacy
  • Maintains and helps control air flow
  • Keep pets from wandering with your enclosed patio
  • Custom made self-closing or sliding doors and pet doors
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Seamless living with no need to screen – Bi-Fold or sliding doors
  • Full weather proofing if required.

Some of the most common concerns that we hear about when enclosing an outdoor area in screen is that you will feel closed in, lose your views, eliminate the breeze and that the screens will go loose and saggy over a period of time and we couldn’t agree more – that is, if using a traditional framing system designed for house windows and using a cheap screen which will last only a couple of years with UV exposure and lastly using the wrong density of screen for your requirement.

The Suncoast Outdoor Living Aluminium Frame System uses a flat elongated rubber spline. Unlike the traditional round rubber spline which goes into a square hole the Suncoast Outdoor Living spline system completely wraps around the screen locking it into place never going loose or saggy. We have a total of 8 different screens from 25% shade to 95% shade which are all manufactured by Phifer Screens USA the world’s leading screen manufacturers. Two of our screens are compliant to AS1926 and can be used as pool fencing and a further screen is balustrade compliant to the first story. Your enclosure is designed to your needs and requirements and will look great for years to come.

Our screening system and custom made doors are totally manufactured on-site giving a much cleaner finish with the aluminium frame powder-coated to your choice of colour and one or a combination of screens to suit your requirements.

We can combine the screens with other products if you would like some weather proofing or a solid wall and customised pet access.

For more information about what a Suncoast Outdoor Living Patio and Alfresco Enclosures can do for you call the team on 1300 137 081 to discuss further.

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