At Suncoast Outdoor Living we understand that ease of access to and from your outdoor area is important, that’s why we use a wider than standard self-closing screen door.

Our standard doors are 900mm wide with and overall opening size of 870mm with a height of 2050mm.

The doors are constructed onsite using our powder-coated aluminum framing including an extruded door jamb and are finished off with a quality keyed lock handle and a self-closing unit which minimises the chance of bugs following you inside.

Should the door need to be pool fencing compliant the handle is installed at 1500mm high and has to turn upwards, a self-closing unit which can’t be disengaged is attached.

Our swing doors have no trip point on the ground and the base is finished off with an adjustable bug strip.

Talk to our team about the best door position for your area.

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