We all care about our furry friends and want to ensure that they remain safe at all times.

With a pet enclosure from Suncoast Outdoor Living you can keep your beloved pet safe while outdoors.

Our unique screen attachment system along with Phifer’s pet mesh will make your existing or new outdoor area not only bug, bird, snake and leaf free, but give your pets an environment where they can relax with you outdoors and not worry about other predators attacking them. A pet enclosure protects cats, dogs from snakes and animal attacks

Councils are now beginning to enforce their local laws about having your pets contained within your property boundary.  A pet enclosure is the perfect way to make sure that they cannot escape.

Talk to the team today at Suncoast Outdoor Living about the benefits of installing a high-quality, completely safe pet enclosure.

The Benefits Of A Suncoast Outdoor Living Pet Enclosure

  • When outside, cats and dogs can be at risk of contracting a range of infections, such as the highly contagious FIV, also known as Feline AIDS, for which there is no vaccine or cure. House cats on average, travel nearly 20 acres when let outside to roam. An awful lot can happen to them in that space. Sharing territory with other animals can be stressful on both cats and dogs, leading to fights and injuries.
  • Additionally, wildlife are being protected as well. Cats and dogs can be destructive to native bird and animal life. A cat enclosure in particular will prevent cats from being able to go ‘hunting’ at night, making sure your cat stays within your own backyard.
  • Our pets love being around us, especially outside. A pet enclosure allows your pet to accompany you, without you having to keep an eye out for them at all times.

About Our Pet Enclosures

Our pet enclosures give your best friend the freedom to fully enjoy the outdoors (including lazing about in the sun), whilst protecting them at the same time in a custom built pet enclosure.

Made with vinyl coated polyester pet resistant screens and aluminium frames, our pet enclosures are durable. That’s why all our structural aluminium metal works feature a comprehensive 7 year warranty, with complete support for all manufacturer’s warranties.

Every pet enclosure is unique and built for each individual property. We can also include a pet door so your pet can access the pet enclosure while you’re asleep or out of the house.

For more information about our Outdoor Pet Enclosures call the team on 1300 137 081 to discuss further.

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