16 Aug

Keep your pets safe & happy with a pet enclosure

Keeping our furry friends safe is one of the benefits of enclosing your outdoor area using our Phifer Tuffscreen Pet Mesh. Not only do you know that your cat, dog or birds can enjoy the outdoors with you but they will also be protected from snakes, cane toads, mosquitoes and all the other creatures we don’t want hanging around.

Dog and cat in pet enclosure
If you would still like for your pet to be able to get outside, we also install Australia’s leading brand of pet door “Petway Pet Doors” which come in 3 sizes. We believe that your pet deserves the best so the pet doors are custom built with their own frame anywhere within the screen walls.

Pet doors with Suncoast Outdoor Living
If you are interested in our range of Petway Pet Doors or Pet enclosures, please call Suncoast Outdoor Living on 1300 137 081 or contact us online.