It’s Christmas Time

With Australia being such a Multicultural Country, many of us celebrate the holiday season in different ways.  Whether you believe in Christmas or the traditions behind it, Christmas is certainly celebrated all over the country and world with gusto!

Sometimes the meaning behind Christmas is forgotten because of all of the marketing hype, but it is still fun and exciting for the children.  So many things happening at this time of the year.  Children are excited as they are now on their long Summer break, not having to go back to school anytime soon.  The Christmas fever has taken them over and they are getting excited about what Santa may bring them.

This time of year, can also be one of unhappiness for a lot of people.  They may be away from their families, they may have lost loved ones at this time of year, they may be alone or just not able to afford the Christmas that they want to give their families.  It just simply put, is not “The Happiest Time of the Year” for some.

If you know of someone who may be alone and feeling isolated, why not reach out and help to lift their spirits, maybe invite them to lunch.  Christmas is the time for giving after all.  If you cannot offer much, then just an ear or a shoulder is sometimes all they need.

A lot of shops have a place where you can donate gifts for children of different ages and also food.  All of these donations are distributed amongst those who need it the most.  We know, after all of the recent fire devastation, that Australians are a generous bunch. 

People can donate a little or a lot, every bit helps out in these hard times.  Whatever you donate, please make sure that it is something that can be used and in good working order.  There has been a lot of news coverage of rubbish being dumped at donation centres and also people “looting” these places during the night.  Where you can, only leave your donations when the premises are open.  This will help to stop people helping themselves and ensure that the goods go to those intended.


Many people also give up some of their precious family time and volunteer to serve a Christmas meal to those less fortunate than them.  Some families also volunteer as a family, so that they still get to spend Christmas together.  My own family is split over the country, so for me this can be a hard time of year.  Two of my own sons, their partners and my Dad live in WA, so I don’t get to share Christmas with them very often.

My eldest son lives in QLD with his wife and my gorgeous grandson.  He is still a bit little to get excited over Christmas, so I can’t wait for him to get a bit bigger.  For me the magic of Christmas is watching the children’s faces in the anticipation leading up to Christmas and getting excited over what presents may be left for them by Santa.

My Christmas is usually spent with my Husband’s family, sharing a BBQ breakfast, sitting outside under the patio.  We spend a couple of hours together, eat, swap presents and then go off to wherever we need to go.

This year, being one of the few that my husband does not have to work Christmas Day, we are hosting both breakfast and lunch at our home.  We now have a beautiful outdoors area, with an addition of an Insulated Patio, recently installed.  We are looking forward to showing this off to our families and sharing the day with them.


The Suncoast Outdoor Living office will be closed from December 20 and will re-open on January 6, 2020.  We will still be contactable over this time via email and the phones will be manned.  Do not hesitate to contact us with any of your Outdoor Living queries or requests for quotes.  We are certainly excited for the new year. 

Our Promotion to win a Cruise is well and truly underway and we have some awesome ideas for further promotions.  Check out our website to see how you can be in the running to win this Cruise. 

It’s really easy. 

All you need to do is look through our range of Pool, Patio and Pet Enclosures, Patios and Accessories, choose how you would like to create your perfect Outdoor Sanctuary, request a quote, pay the deposit and you will be put into the draw.

We are also attending the Brisbane Home Show in late February so keep your eyes open for more information.

Most of us get to enjoy at least a week off over the Christmas and New Year period.  To those of us who are fortunate enough to enjoy this break and to those who are still required to work, we at Suncoast Outdoor Living would like to wish you the best of the Holiday Season.  Please take care on the roads and stay safe.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.


Are you missing out on all of the fun in your pool?

Are you missing out on all of the fun?  Do you find that you spend more time out of the pool, maintaining it than actually swimming or relaxing in it?

Not only will a Pool Enclosure enhance the value of your home, but it will definitely increase the value of your time.

Here are a few Pros and Cons of installing a pool enclosure.

We will start with the Cons!

Hmmm, can’t think of any Cons right now!


Let’s get into the Pros then;


  • Investing in a Pool Enclosure is the best thing that you can do to keep your pool in great shape all year round.
  • Being custom-designed to fit your needs perfectly, our enclosures will enhance your outdoor experience at any time of the day or night.  No bugs, or clean up to worry about.
  • Living in Queensland, we certainly get our fair share of sunshine.  This is great for the outdoors, but not necessarily for our skin. By installing a Pool Enclosure, this will help filter out the sun and help with those UV Rays.  Please note that you will still need to apply sunscreen as the enclosure will not stop all of those nasty rays.
  • The temperature of the water in your pool will also be reduced.  Another plus for those super hot days.
  • Maintaining your pool is much easier, as there will be no leaves or debris to clean up.
  • Installing an enclosure not only keeps out the leaves, debris etc but also keeps out those unwanted guests (snakes, lizards, birds, ducks, neighbors pets and so on) and also those pesky flies.  No more insect spray required.
  • An enclosure also becomes a barrier to keep out those small children and reduce accidents.
  • A Pool Enclosure will also act as an extension of your home, making the outdoors feel so much more spacious as it creates another living space around your pool.
  • Our screens are designed to withstand strong winds, so, therefore, the enclosures are not easily damaged.
  • No need to put away your pool toys, there is nowhere for them to fly off to in those strong winds that we often get.
  • Save some money!  The chemicals do not evaporate as quickly, so, therefore, you don’t need to use as much.
  • Water restrictions are imminent!  Stop having to top up your pool. An enclosure reduces the amount of water evaporation to that of a non-enclosed pool.
  • As we have two screening systems that are Pool compliant to the Australian Standards, in some instances we can also do away with the often unsightly horizontal or glass pool fences.  We can also add a door to your enclosure that is also pool compliant, to allow easy access for adults, but not so easy for the kids.
  • The screens are easy to maintain, just a squirt with the hose and a brush with a soft broom, done!
  • Our screens along with our exclusive spline system will remain as taut as the day they were installed.  No sagging or becoming loose.


Does an enclosure sound like something that would enhance your life and home? 


Give us a call today for an obligation free quote, 1300 137 081.


We will organise a time to suit you to come out and have a look at the space that you want enclosed, take a few measurements and photos, head back to the office and prepare a proposal for you.

We do all of the leg work, including Council Approvals, Inspections and the QBCC Insurance (when required).

All you have to do is make the easiest decision of your life, sign and return the proposal and we will get everything underway.

In no time at all, you will be enjoying your pool area like never before.  You will never want to get out of it and you will be able to make those enjoyable memories with your family instead of just watching them have all the fun from the sidelines, cleaning!

Contact us NOW to give your home a make over in time for Christmas

Is it your turn to host a family gathering for Christmas this year?

Do you worry about not having enough space inside and everyone being squished and hot?

Let us help you create a beautiful, quality outdoor space for your home, where there is plenty of room for everyone.

At Suncoast Outdoor Living, we can measure, create and install your very own outdoor living area to enhance your home both in looks and value with the best quality and Australian made, where possible, products available.

We have a number of options available to you and by working with you, we can come up with a solution that is perfect for your home and needs.

If you don’t already have a covered area off your home, we have a variety of insulated patios to choose from.  These will be custom designed and built right on the premises to ensure that perfect look.

By choosing an insulated patio, you are provided with an area that is cooler and more comfortable in our Queensland summers but also keeps you warmer in winter.

The insulation acts as a barrier between your roof and the elements by reducing the harsh heat that we can experience but also the cold snaps that often occur during winter.  By installing a heater or a fan, this area will become usable in all types of weather and all year round.

It is also possible to extend your current outdoor space if you find that it is too small and not comfortable to host a gathering in.

If you already have an Alfresco or Patio area but are reluctant to use it because of the clean up involved, we also have a solution for you.  We can install a custom-fitted screening system which allows the breeze to flow, does not obstruct your outward view, stops the birds coming in and leaving their calling cards, stops the debris being blown in and landing on your furniture, but the biggest plus of all is – NOT having to share your meal with the bitey bugs!

Once your patio is installed, it’s time to decorate.

Depending on what kind of gathering or celebration you are having, with a few decorations, it is so easy to transform!

With Christmas only around the corner, you can make this a Christmas wonderland for the little ones by adding decorations, fake snow, a Christmas Tree and of course Santa!  Put up some fairy lights around the edges and some tinsel and Christmas is set to go.  You will be the envy of your family and friends.

Make it a true family experience and help your kids to make their own decorations. 

I remember sitting with my boys when they were little and cutting up strips of coloured paper and joining them together to make streamers with either glue (very messy) or staples and then watching their little faces light up when we hung them around the house.

Another fun idea is to make some candles and put them around your new patio.  Use an old jar and paint the outside with some paints.  Add a small tea light and watch the beautiful ambiance come to life.  There are hundreds of ideas for you and your kids.  Just look online and choose what gets your creative juices flowing.  Most of all, enjoy the fun that this creates and get excited for Christmas.

Christmas is now less than 2 months away.  If you are considering giving your outdoors a makeover, contact us today for an obligation free quote, 1300 137 081. 

Fur babies love to play, but can it be hazardous to their health?

Most of us have family members of the four-legged variety.  We know that they love to get outside and play and we try to encourage this.

Cats and dogs are intuitive, love to explore and play.  They will approach almost anything and try to start up a game of chasey.

One critter in particular that is not the ideal playmate for your pet, but will try to entice your pet to play is the Cane Toad.

With the summer months approaching, Cane Toad breeding season is underway.  The numbers will increase and you may see them in your yards more often, especially in those areas built around the cane fields.

Cane Toads are poisonous throughout every stage of their life, including the egg and tadpole stage.

Cats and dogs pick everything up in their mouths.  This includes this little toad.

The Cane Toad, when feeling threatened, will secrete their toxins into the mouth or onto the skin of what it causing them stress.  The toxins are located on shoulder glands and present on the skin of Cane Toads.

When a pet ingests these toxins, if not treated immediately can cause serious or fatal illness.

We all know how difficult it is to watch your pet 24 hours a day, especially at night when you are sleeping.  We can’t stop them from chasing insects and the like, as this is what they do!

We can, however, minimise the likelihood of our pets encountering these terrible toads.

Try to keep your yard toad free.  You can do this by minimising the areas of free-standing water, covering swimming pools, turning off outside lights at night, checking that there are no gaps in your fence and regularly doing a toad bust.

Another more permanent option is to enclose an area of your yard for your pet to be outside, but safe from harm.  By installing a Pet Enclosure, you can safeguard your pet not only from toads but from all other unwanted pests and insects that may venture into your garden.  These enclosures can also provide valuable shade for your pets during the day and stop the birds from stealing their food and water.

If your pet is unfortunate enough to encounter a toad, there are some basic first aid steps you can follow to reduce the risk of illness.

  • Firstly, toad toxin is also poisonous to humans, so ensure that you wear gloves and avoid contact with your bare skin.
  • Do not wash the mouth out with the hose as this may push the toxins into their stomach.
  • Wipe the inside of their mouth and cheeks with a damp cloth. As the venom is sticky you will need to rub these areas firmly.
  • Make sure that you rinse the cloth between wipes so that you rinse off the toxins.
  • If your pet begins to decline or you are worried, contact your vet. Problems with the heart and neurological systems can progress rapidly.

If you have any concerns with regards to your or your pets’ well being after being in contact with a Cane Toad, contact the Poisons Information Line on 131126 or your local doctor or vet.   

Not only are your pets under threat from Cane Toads in the warmer months, but snakes are also becoming more active.

Our specialised Pet Enclosures can keep all of these nasty and sometimes venomous intruders away from your pets, ensuring that they remain happy and safe whilst outdoors, giving you the peace of mind that your pets are protected when you are away from home.

Beat the summer rush and call us today on 1300 137 081 to request an obligation free quote.

If you are the ultimate smorgasbord for Mozzies at every gathering, then this is a must read

Are you always the one being bitten when outside?

I know that I am!   I can be in a group and seem to be the only one squatting and slapping myself to get rid of mosquitoes.

Apart from the mozzies being totally annoying for most of us they can also carry disease, such as Ross River Virus, Malaria and so many more.  They are one of the deadliest insects in the world.

Approximately 20% of the human population are more attractive to mozzies than the remainder of the population.  A number of us are also very sensitive to their bites and this can cause lumps, rashes, itching and swelling.

Like us all, we prefer different foods, and mozzies are no different.  They tend to find some of us more delicious than others.

There is an old wives’ tale that they attack you because you have “Sweet Blood”.  This may be true in some instances but here are a number of other reasons why you may be the target of these nuisance insects.

Apparently, they love sweaty bodies – Sweat is a delicious cocktail of lactic acid, uric acid and ammonia – YUM how can they resist?

Mosquitoes have receptors in their antennas that allow them to detect the scent of lactic acid and when they do, they get hungry!!!

The bacteria on our skin or skin flora – microorganisms that live on our skin, are another form of deliciousness for these insects.  There have been studies conducted that show that the amount of this on your skin can make you a tasty treat for the disease carrying mosquitoes.

My sons often say to me “Mum, mozzies love us as much as they do you, must have got it from you!”

Well, apparently this could be true!

Our DNA can determine how attractive we are to mosquitoes and this can be hereditary – Sorry boys!!

The amount of carbon dioxide that we emit is also alluring for mosquitoes, they can also detect this.  They have a natural CO2 radar that directs them to the nearest food source.

High body temperatures also make mozzies love you more.  This can be after exercise, on a hot day or even if you have a fever.  When your temperature is up, the blood is closer to the surface of your skin and it is an easy feast for the mosquitoes to get to.

Type O blood is another favourite for these horrible little blood suckers compared to other blood types.  Unfortunately, this is something that we cannot do anything about.

If you are at a BBQ and enjoy a beer you are supposedly more irresistible to the mozzie as well.  They must seek you out by using their beer goggled glasses.

Male mosquitoes are vegetarian but the females need protein to make their eggs. 

Pregnant women are an endless source of protein for the females.  Along with having more protein in their blood and usually higher body temperatures, they also emit more carbon dioxide, making the Mumma to be more bite worthy.

Even what you are wearing can make you an easy target.  They seem to like to more bold, darker colours, whereas the lighter colours can act as a kind of camouflage.

With the overuse of repellents, mozzies can now develop a resistance in a matter of hours!  It will work for the short term in smaller enclosed areas, but not in the bigger space.

Garlic and vitamin B12 are also old wives’ tale – they don’t work.

So how do we stop the bugs from biting? 

Well this is simple –

Don’t sweat, don’t drink beer, don’t wear dark clothes and don’t get pregnant!!

If these options are going to lead to a long boring summer, then the best option of all is easily available to all households.

Phone us now – 1300 137 081 to talk to our expert team in how to beat the mozzies this summer.

As much as we don’t like the mosquito and how they can ruin a fun gathering, they are a vital part of numerous ecosystems. 

As the mosquito breeds in water, the larvae are nutrient filled snacks for fish and aquatic animals.

Mosquitoes also eat the carcasses of insects that drown and feed on waste products thus producing nitrogen which the plant life then thrive upon.

They are also a food source for birds, bats and spiders.

Male and female mosquitoes feed on nectar and whilst having a feed, the also pollinate plants.  These plants then provide food and shelter for other plants and animals.

So rather than eradicate such an important, although annoying insect, we must find ways on being able to cohabitate.

One such way is by enclosing your Outdoor Living Area with one of our mozzie and midgie proof screens.   This keeps the mozzies away from you and your guests, but lets them go about their important role in our environment.

*Information obtained from MSN News – Star Insider and