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It’s Spring and Snakes are on the Move

Australia has approximately 110 varieties of land snakes and 32 sea snake varieties.

We are also the only country that have more venomous snakes than non-venomous ones. Not all of the venomous snakes have the capability of killing humans or causing severe illness.

Read out blog on what to do if you’re bitten by a snake.

A Few Facts About Snakes

Snakes are cold blooded and cannot regulate their body temperature, which is why they like to bask in the sun’s warmth and why we tend to see them out and about in the warmer months.

They can see, smell and hear. Most have really good eyesight over short distances. They hear by picking up vibrations from the ground. Their most intense sense is their smell. They do this by flicking their tongues in and out of their mouths.

Snakes You’ll Find in QLD

Queensland certainly has its fair share of snakes, and the majority of them are found in the northern parts of the state. In these areas where it has tropical rainforests which provides dense vegetation for snakes to shelter and a wide variety of forest animals for them to prey upon.

The most common snakes in South East Queensland are:

Carpet Python – Non venomous

Carpet Python – Non venomous

These are often found in trees, in animal burrows and quite often the roof cavities of houses. They bask on warm surfaces during the warmer nights and are active mainly at night.

Common Tree Snake – Non venomous

These are usually found in eucalypt woodland areas or rainforest areas. They are active during the day in trees or on the ground.

Keelback – Non venomous

These are found in and around creeks, rivers and marshlands and are active any time of the day or night.

Yellow-Faced Whip Snake – Venomous

These snakes are potentially dangerous. They are active throughout the day. They are very agile and can escape quickly when disturbed.

White-Crowned Snake – Venomous

Although venomous, these snakes are not dangerous to humans. These are one of the most common snakes found in Brisbane, even in the inner city. They inhabit compost heaps and damp areas of the garden.

Eastern Small Eyed Snake – Venomous

These snakes like dark areas under sheets of tin, rocks and under the bark of fallen logs.

Eastern Brown Snake – Highly venomous

These snakes are the most likely to strike as they are found throughout all but the Western parts of Queensland. They are active during the day and will strike if provoked.

Red-Bellied Black Snake – Venomous

These snakes are encountered in the wetter vegetation communities. They are active throughout the day.

Encountering a Snake

With the huge variety of both non and venomous snakes found in SE Queensland, it is so important to know what to do when and if you or your pet encounter one.

The easiest thing to do, is to make your home safe and secure for your family and pets by making it difficult for snakes to gain access to your home or outdoor living area.

Snakes in your Home

Adding a screened enclosure to your patio is a simple solution to make your home snake-safe before summer. This will enable both you and your pets to be outside and safe, whilst keeping those snakes out.

  • If you do come across a snake try to stay calm. Easier said than done, I know!
  • If it is inside your house leave it alone.
  • Gather your family and pets and close all of the internal doors.
  • Open up the external doors, giving the snake a way out. Remember they are more scared of you than of you of them.
  • Call your local snake catcher.

Do not attempt to remove a snake on your own. It could be potentially fatal.

Snakes outside in your garden?

  • Maintain your lawn so that it is easier to spot a snake.
  • When building a shed or garden, try to keep them away from the actual house.
  • Try to avoid piles of rubbish or building rubble or keep them neatly stacked.
  • Put all food scraps in a closed container or bin. This will reduce the rodents around your home, which are a tasty snack for most snakes.
  • Store any pet or bird food in sealed, rodent proof containers.
  • Ensure any bird aviaries or chook pens are rodent and snake proof.
  • When working outside, use gloves and wear protective clothing and shoes. Most snake fangs are small and will not penetrate through these materials.

You Should Never Harm a Snake

Snakes are protected within Australia so it is important that you do not attempt to kill them.

It is an offence under the State Legislation Nature Conservation Act. If you encounter a snake, contact your local Snake Catcher or authority and they will come out and relocate the snake into the wild. Snakes are an important part of the environment and are often misunderstood.

Protect Your Pets from Snakes

Pets are potentially at more risk than humans from snake attacks. They are curious and will want to play with the snake, maybe thinking it is a stick or chew toy. When they are bitten it can be both a deadly and costly exercise.

The thick fur of a dog helps to protect your pet from bites, so most bites occur on the face or the neck. There may be signs of redness or blood, your pet may appear unusually agitated, drool, show signs of weakness and be panting excessively.

If you believe that your pet has been bitten it is important to keep them calm and quiet.

Take it to a Vet IMMEDIATELY. The costs of both the Vet bills and the antivenom can be hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Some owners simply have to make the tough decision about whether they can afford this treatment. The decision is usually needed to be made quickly as once the antivenom is opened, it needs to be paid for whether used or not.

Even by opting for these expensive treatments is not always a guarantee that your pet will pull through. There are so many factors involved that even the Vet is often unsure what the expected outcome will be.

The most effective way to keep you pet safe is to keep it indoors. This is not always an option that is available to most people.

Safeguard Your Outdoor Area from Snakes

Suncoast Outdoor Living have years of experience in making your outdoor area safe for pets. We have specialised screens that can keep both your pets enclosed whilst keeping out the unwanted guests.

We have worked with dozens of people in creating ways to ensure your pets safety and wellbeing whilst keeping the aesthetics of your home intact.

Not only are these enclosures great for pets, but also for the whole family. Why not enjoy your home without the fear of snakes or other unwanted intruders gate crashing your Outdoor Living Area.

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