6 Dec

Christmas Is Almost Here

Once again Christmas is looming and ever so near.

Such a joyous time of year especially when there are young children involved. The excitement is rising at seeing the shops full of Christmas wonder and homes beginning to be decorated.  Christmas toy lists are being written and fingers being crossed at getting all that they hope for.

For me, the magic of Christmas is watching the children’s faces in the anticipation leading up to Christmas and getting excited over what presents may be left for them by Santa.

Thinking of the Less Fortunate at Christmas Time

For some though, the excitement of Christmas is there but the reality is knowing that they will not get all they hoped for.

With the pandemic at almost two years old now, there are so many more families doing it tough! With the loss of income, and in some instances the loss of homes, the parents of these children want to give their kids everything but they just are not able to.

If you know of someone who may be alone and feeling isolated, why not reach out and help to lift their spirits, maybe invite them to lunch. 

Christmas is the time for giving after all.  If you cannot offer much, then just an ear or a shoulder is sometimes all they need.

Donating to a Good Cause

A lot of shops have a place where you can donate gifts for children of different ages and also food.  All of these donations are distributed among those who need it the most.  We know, after all of the recent fire devastation, that Australians are a generous bunch. 

People can donate a little or a lot, every bit helps out in these hard times.  Whatever you donate, please make sure that it is something that can be used and in good working order. 

There has been a lot of news coverage of rubbish being dumped at donation centres and also people “looting” these places during the night. 

Where you can, only leave your donations when the premises are open.  This will help to stop people helping themselves and ensure that the goods go to those intended.

Open Borders a Real Possibility

With the borders hopefully opening and with families finally being able to spend their first Christmas together in a number of years, there will be many tears of joy as well. The excitement of seeing and celebrating the Silly Season with family is real!

It certainly is for me.  My elderly parents will be joining us from Western Australia for Christmas this year and I am excited to see them.  With WA having the strictest border stance it has been over a year since seeing them.

We will be celebrating with my husband’s family in the morning for breakfast and our Secret Santa swap, then back to our home for the remainder of the day where we will be enjoying the outdoors in our newly enclosed outdoor area for present swapping and being able to enjoy our lunch under our insulated patio without the nuisance of insects hovering over our food.

There will be the excitement of having my parents there as well as my young grandkids.  One of whom is 3 years old and super excited about Christmas.

Suncoast Outdoor Living Office Hours

The Suncoast Outdoor Living office will be closed from December 22 and will re-open on January 10.

We will still be contactable over this time via email and the phones will be manned. 

Do not hesitate to contact us with any of your Outdoor Living queries or requests for quotes.  We are certainly excited for the new year. 

Most of us get to enjoy at least a week off over the Christmas and New Year period. 

To those of us who are fortunate enough to enjoy this break and to those who are still required to work, we at Suncoast Outdoor Living would like to wish you the best of the Holiday Season.  Please take care on the roads and stay safe.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.