17 Nov

Outdoor Home Renovations

With the pandemic still underway, home renovations seem to have come out as the winner in all of this madness.  Home prices have soared and renovations tend to increase the value of a property.

These past couple of years have been challenging for everyone in many different ways. People have been confined to their homes more and more.

As this is definitely not the norm for most people, homeowners have had the chance to sit back and truly look at their home, take stock and realise that their homes are indeed their biggest asset and should provide the sanctuary that they deserve. 

Home Renovations & Home Improvement Projects

By being confined to their homes, people have also had more time to be able to plan and organise their dream home renovation works.

There has also been a little bit of extra money available to do these renovations for a lot of people whom normally travel but have been unable to do so.

The most popular home improvement projects have been focused on the outdoor areas of the home.

 Enclosing Your Outdoor Space

In Queensland, our winters are fairly warm throughout the day so people tend to utilise their outdoor spaces much more than in other parts of Australia.

At Suncoast Outdoor Living, expressions of interest in our insulated patios and screened enclosures have definitely increased.  This is partly because by being outside more often, we also have to combat this space with mozzies, midgies and other annoying insects. 

We often have comments from people about birds destroying their outdoor furniture and by installing a screen, this will also stop the birds from being able to enter the area. 

Swimming Pool Enclosure enquiries have been flooding in as well. 

2021: A Challenging Year for the Building Industry

2021 has been a challenging year for all in the building industry, with a shortage of workers and materials, causing many delays. 

Suncoast are fortunate that we have a great supply chain and to date have not experienced this.  The demand for our product and our exceptional quality of work have seen our lead times for installation blow out to a never seen before timeframe – Now booking into April 2022.

For any business, this is a great problem to have.  Homeowners deserve to have their dream outdoor space as soon as possible and the Suncoast Outdoor Living installation team are doing their utmost to keep these waiting times to a minimum.

Popular Product: Insulated Patios

By adding an insulated patio to your home, it will not only increases your outdoor living space but also reduces the direct heat coming into your home during the hotter months and helps to keep your home warmer during the cooler months. This in turn reduces the need for artificial cooling and heating.

There are many styles of patio roofing options and profiles to choose from, so there is something to suit every home.  We can incorporate lighting, fans and heating into these areas as well if desired.

To truly make your new enlarged outdoor area a space to use day and night, we can also enclose ALL of our patio roofing options with one of our 7 different screens to provide a mosquito and insect free environment, to add a little privacy or to enhance the look of your pool area by adding a pool safe screen.  We even have a screen that is suitable to keep in those cats and other pets who may be escape artists!

High Demand for Pool Enclosures

Do you have a pool that is constantly getting filled with leaves and air borne debris?  One of our Swimming Pool enclosures can definitely help with this. 

By adding an enclosure over your pool, it also saves you money.  Water evaporation decreases which not only saves you water but also chemicals needed to keep it sparkling clean.  The cleaning time of your pool also decreases so this allows you to spend that time doing what you love!

One of the biggest comments we have about why people want our Pool Enclosure is because of ducks and birds leaving their calling cards all over the paving around the pool or in the pool itself.

Love Your Outdoor Space

Now that your outdoor area is indeed your own home sanctuary and Covid restrictions have eased, you can now get to enjoy this amazing space with your family and friends.

With Christmas only around the corner, why not decorate this new space to add a little of the Silly Season to your outdoors!

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Contact us today to get a quote on and we will make your outdoor dreams come alive.

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