21 Jun

Winter Has Arrived!

Winter is a great time in Queensland to start or complete those outdoor projects.

Whether it be updating your garden beds or completely transforming your outdoor living areas, the weather is perfect to be working outdoors; not too hot nor is it too cold and a lot of plants are loving the mild temperatures.

Look After Your Plants During Winter

Be careful not to overwater your garden throughout the cooler months.  As the temperature is lower, gardens do not tend to lose as much water due to evaporation. 

It is best to water in the mornings rather than the afternoon/evenings and take care to water the soil around the plant not the foliage. This will allow the soil time to dry out a little before the night air and help prevent any fungal disease.

As your plants are not really growing throughout the winter months, they do not need much in the way of fertilizer.  You can however apply a mild liquid fertilizer to keep the plants lush and happy.

It is also the perfect weather to re-pot any patio or balcony plants and prepare new garden beds ready for Spring.  Don’t forget to mulch as this creates a buffer for the cooler nights.

Consider Outdoor Heating Options

Patio heaters are extremely popular inside the patio area. 

Having a patio/alfresco enclosure stops any bugs from coming in and makes for a more pleasant experience. 

Imagine having direct access from your patio enclosure to an outdoor fire pit. These are becoming a very popular past time on cold winters nights. 

There’s nothing more satisfying than sitting in the outdoors chatting around an open fire. 

Note: There are different bylaws in each Council so make sure that you check these out before lighting that fire. 

Enclose Your Spa or Jacuzzi

Spa pools are also another popular activity throughout the winter months. 

By enclosing your spa with our Pool Safe Screen, this not only offers a little bit of privacy but also stops any creepy crawlies and frogs from being able to get into the spa and during the summer months you can enjoy a spa without the nuisance of mozzies and midgies. 

These screens can also eliminate the need for those often ugly looking pool safe fences.

Swimming Pool Enclosure

Complete Your Outdoor Area Before Summer Time

Construction work is at an all-time high and the waiting periods for different trades and Council Approvals seems to be taking much longer than normal.

Why not try to beat the summer rush? You can get in early and have your outdoor living area completed before Summer. All it takes is for you to start thinking about what you would like to achieve now and complete a little pre-planning.

We can provide an obligation free quote to enhance your outdoor living areas by adding an insulated patio roof or by adding a Screened Enclosure to your existing outdoor area. 

How Suncoast Outdoor Living Can Help

At Suncoast Outdoor Living we have 7 different types of outdoor screens to choose from with varying degrees of shade and UV factors, so we will have something to suit all areas.  

Two of our screens are pool safe compliant, one also being Balustrade compliant to the first floor.  We have a screen tough enough to be able to be used to enclose an area for your pets to keep them from wandering.

We also offer different profiles for the insulated patio roofing and can add lighting and fans to suit.

Custom Made To Suit Your Requirements

All of our products are custom made on-site and can be mixed and matched to suit your needs. 

Whether you want some privacy in one particular section or a pet door added into another area, or even if you have an oddly shaped area, we can help.

Need inspiration?  Check out our photo galleries and read our testimonials on our website or give us a call 1300 137 081.