16 Aug


Midge mesh is designed to restrict smaller insects such as sand flies or midge-type insects from penetrating the larger holes that are in standard fly mesh or pet proof mesh.

Although there are no known diseases that are associated with these insects their bites can be extremely unpleasant and very much unwanted. Biting midges love the blood of human beings. There is no known effective treatment process to prevent these insects from breeding and they will travel up to 3km from the breeding site in search of a blood meal.

Normal standard fly mesh is not small enough to prevent the penetration and will only offer very low restriction to them. Purpose-built midge mesh is a much better option for fly screens, insect screens and barrier doors.

Biting midges love humidity and moisture. If they sense a meal from a human they will become active if these conditions are present. They prefer dull days with high humidity and tend to sit on fly screens and vegetation and any shady area whilst waiting for their meal.

As Australians we love the outdoors; we love areas where we can sit and relax and be in the fresh air. Back verandahs, screen enclosures, balconies and barbecue areas are places that we love to gather and enjoy a late afternoon drink or family get-together and the only solution to protection is insect repellents either directly to the skin or spraying in the air.

You can keep these little tiny biting insects outside where they belong by choosing midge mesh. Get your outdoor area enclosed and choose the midge screen.

Midge mesh will restrict airflow slightly; however, this will be offset by the knowledge that you are in an environment where you will not be bothered by nasty and annoying biting sand flies.

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