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Project Story



Tamborine Mountain, QLD

The Problem:

Living in Mount Tamborine Queensland our clients enjoy the acrerage lifestyle surrounded by magnificent trees and fantastic views over the Scenic Rim.

The property has a 13×6 inground pool which unfortunately attracts a lot of leaf matter with the prevailing winds that come up the mountain.

Their solution for many years has been a mesh pool cover with elastic fixing points which did reduce the leaf matter but made it a mission to take off and on every time they wanted to swim.

Leaving the cover off the pool simply meant constant cleaning and maintenance and little time to enjoy the environment they live in.

The property also has a successful Airbnb where the guests have access to the pool.

The Solution:

The solution was a Suncoast Outdoor Living screen pool enclosure which gave them more benefits that simply keeping the leaves out of the pool.

Some of the additional benefits include:

  • It will reduce the high pool chemical usage caused by our Queensland sun;
  • Replaces the aging pool fence;
  • Keeps leaves, branches, ducks and any other air- bourne debris that would normally land in the pool;
  • Extends their swimming season by reducing the cold winds which can make getting out of the pool uncomfortable;
  • Maintains the magnificent views they have;
  • Never having to remove the old cover again just to have a swim;
  • Most importantly give them back a lot of time by heavily reducing the pool maintenance.

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