Screen Pool & Patio Enclosure, Helensvale, Queensland

From our first visit, we could see our clients had a creative way of keeping the ducks out of their swimming pool. We had a way to help them improve on this by incorporating the outdoor living areas with a patio and pool enclosure, and the result really speaks for itself.


Tony: So I’m here with our lovely customers Robert and Bernadine. Guys what made you get an enclosure? A Florida Room?

Bernadine: Mainly we had a duck problem, a mosquito and midgie problem, but it was the ducks that got us to realise we needed to do something.

Tony: Awesome, and you’re really happy with the job that the guys had done?

Both: Very happy

Bernadine: The whole experience was great.

Tony: Fantastic and it looks great. The job looks fantastic

Robert: The whole team was very coordinated, and hardworking, friendly, and the work is solid. Down to the last detail. It’s perfect.

Tony: Awesome, well thank you for being fantastic customers of Suncoast Outdoor Living and we look forward to you having many years of bug free, duck free living.

Bernadine: Oh it’s a life changer literally.

Robert: A different level of freedom.

Tony: Fantastic, great.

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