19 Sep

How to protect yourself against mozzies

Are you always the one being bitten when outside?

I know that I am!   I can be in a group and seem to be the only one squatting and slapping myself to get rid of mosquitoes.

Apart from the mozzies being totally annoying for most of us they can also carry disease, such as Ross River Virus, Malaria and so many more.  They are one of the deadliest insects in the world.

Approximately 20% of the human population are more attractive to mozzies than the remainder of the population.  A number of us are also very sensitive to their bites and this can cause lumps, rashes, itching and swelling.

Like us all, we prefer different foods, and mozzies are no different.  They tend to find some of us more delicious than others.

There is an old wives’ tale that they attack you because you have “Sweet Blood”.  This may be true in some instances but here are a number of other reasons why you may be the target of these nuisance insects.

Apparently, they love sweaty bodies – Sweat is a delicious cocktail of lactic acid, uric acid and ammonia – YUM how can they resist?

Mosquitoes have receptors in their antennas that allow them to detect the scent of lactic acid and when they do, they get hungry!!!

The bacteria on our skin or skin flora – microorganisms that live on our skin, are another form of deliciousness for these insects.  There have been studies conducted that show that the amount of this on your skin can make you a tasty treat for the disease carrying mosquitoes.

My sons often say to me “Mum, mozzies love us as much as they do you, must have got it from you!”

Well, apparently this could be true!

Our DNA can determine how attractive we are to mosquitoes and this can be hereditary – Sorry boys!!

The amount of carbon dioxide that we emit is also alluring for mosquitoes, they can also detect this.  They have a natural CO2 radar that directs them to the nearest food source.

High body temperatures also make mozzies love you more.  This can be after exercise, on a hot day or even if you have a fever.  When your temperature is up, the blood is closer to the surface of your skin and it is an easy feast for the mosquitoes to get to.

Type O blood is another favourite for these horrible little blood suckers compared to other blood types.  Unfortunately, this is something that we cannot do anything about.

If you are at a BBQ and enjoy a beer you are supposedly more irresistible to the mozzie as well.  They must seek you out by using their beer goggled glasses.

Male mosquitoes are vegetarian but the females need protein to make their eggs. 

Pregnant women are an endless source of protein for the females.  Along with having more protein in their blood and usually higher body temperatures, they also emit more carbon dioxide, making the Mumma to be more bite worthy.

Even what you are wearing can make you an easy target.  They seem to like to more bold, darker colours, whereas the lighter colours can act as a kind of camouflage.

With the overuse of repellents, mozzies can now develop a resistance in a matter of hours!  It will work for the short term in smaller enclosed areas, but not in the bigger space.

Garlic and vitamin B12 are also old wives’ tale – they don’t work.

So how do we stop the bugs from biting? 

Well this is simple –

Don’t sweat, don’t drink beer, don’t wear dark clothes and don’t get pregnant!!

If these options are going to lead to a long boring summer, then the best option of all is easily available to all households.

Phone us now – 1300 137 081 to talk to our expert team in how to beat the mozzies this summer.

As much as we don’t like the mosquito and how they can ruin a fun gathering, they are a vital part of numerous ecosystems. 

As the mosquito breeds in water, the larvae are nutrient filled snacks for fish and aquatic animals.

Mosquitoes also eat the carcasses of insects that drown and feed on waste products thus producing nitrogen which the plant life then thrive upon.

They are also a food source for birds, bats and spiders.

Male and female mosquitoes feed on nectar and whilst having a feed, the also pollinate plants.  These plants then provide food and shelter for other plants and animals.

So rather than eradicate such an important, although annoying insect, we must find ways on being able to cohabitate.

One such way is by enclosing your Outdoor Living Area with one of our mozzie and midgie proof screens.   This keeps the mozzies away from you and your guests, but lets them go about their important role in our environment.

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