Our clients approached us having been very familiar with a Florida type setup, having lived in America for a few years. Their biggest concern was that that’s a very much an architecturally designed house. The pool was one of the main features from the house and obviously, their views that they have out to the bay, not impeding on those views was very important to them. So we actually took them out to another customer of ours with a very similar job and it made them feel very comfortable with their decision and going ahead with putting a Florida room. And so they engaged Suncoast Outdoor Living to design and build one of the very unique structures. The hard thing about this particular enclosure was that it’s not a symmetrical shape, so it’s a very much customised build totally built on site. Every angle has to be manufactured on-site.

On site, we were here for two weeks. We obviously have a very high set of skilled tradespeople. We never hear a bad word about our guys. They are very fastidious workers. We’re very fortunate that within Australia having the amount of experience that we’ve had, taking our guys over to America and having them trained by the best over there that we have the skill level to be able to build a customised Florida area which is, you know, it’s not done by a lot of people in Australia.

We have seven different types of screens so we can change the density and how much shade protection, right from 25% up to 95%. So it gives you great protection from the sun as well. Airflow is very, very important within the enclosures as well. So maximising your view and having a great airflow here makes you feel like you’re still outside, but protects you and the family. Having the right screen, a lot of midges around the bay side of Brisbane, a lot of leaves. So all of those things had to be taken into account and we can design our enclosure.

This enclosure actually has two different screens. We have one particular screen on the roof which does have an impact on the engineering of our enclosures, and then we obviously have to have our pool compliance screens around the walls. So this has been joined onto the house, which means that they are now able to open up the alfresco doors on the house and have a totally bug-free, leaf-free, maintenance-free environment.

Prior to engaging Suncoast Outdoor Living, the owners had a pool cover over the top of the pool, which was one of the ones that’s pretty much like a permanent pool cover that you have to go around undo every single one. So every time the kids wanted to have a swim, the owner would have to come out there and undo it and it was a big process. And now that doesn’t happen, they’ve got a beautiful clean pool that they can come out and use at any time and it’s just a fantastic environment for them.

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