16 Aug

10 Cool Things to Do Around Your Home This Spring

Whilst we certainly don’t have a ‘tough’ winter in Queensland and it’s quite fleeting, spring is always a lovely time of year. In the vein of getting into the spirit of the upcoming spring season, we’re sharing some thoughts with you to potentially motivate you with some ideas.
Here are our top 10 tips on the external area of your home that you could potentially action this spring:

1. Patio or Pool Enclosure. Okay, yes this is somewhat obvious as that is what we do. It had to be first on our list. We are passionate about creating your outdoor living sanctuary. There is a huge range of options available from pool enclosures, through to screens which are retractable or fixed as well as patio enclosures. These enclosures keep out the mozzies, midges, leaves and wildlife who like to leave their droppings all over your patio tables. There are heaps of options for sun protection and you don’t lose your view or breezes. Make the most of your outdoor living space this spring … and all year round.

2. Lighting. Part of an exceptional outdoor area at night is the lighting. There are so many options when it comes to outdoor lighting. Whether it’s for security or safety (sensor or timed) or purely to create a wonderful looking outdoor area – lighting can enhance your garden space, highlight a special feature or simply add a little light ambient to your outdoor sitting area. Dimmers make it easy to change the level of lighting, so you can have a quiet drink with a soft light, or turn up the level to see what you’re cooking on the BBQ.

3. Feature. I mentioned just now lighting as a feature. If you don’t have one, what about considering this? A small water feature. Many of the landscape stores have these or you can even go to Bunnings. If you’re not handy, your local handyman can assist you. There is nothing nicer than that tranquil sound of trickling water. Alternatively, a statue or piece of artwork can add the right feature to suit your taste and style. Be patient when looking around, as you may not find exactly the right piece straight away, but when you do, you will be glad you kept going.

4. Plant Refresh. Is your garden overgrown or looking somewhat tired? Particularly around your outdoor living areas – do the plants need some attention? Pruning and fertilising may be one option, but also consider a complete re-model of that particular garden area – maybe it’s time to pull out the old and put in something new and fresh plants. Talk to your landscape store when you go out to buy; not every plant suits every condition; it will depend on light (or lack thereof), if that area gets quite windy or what the soil is like. If that area is near a pool, the wash off from the pool can make the soil quite salty.

5. Plants and Pots. Particularly if you have a patio or enclosed area, pots (large or small) following a colour scheme with a wonderful array of plants will transform any area. Get creative and consider a range of sizes (in the same colour scheme or complimentary colours). Pots are excellent for some plants such as Bougainvillea which can go crazy if planted directly in the ground and absolutely take over. In a pot, they tend to stay to size and if you regularly prune and fertilise, the colour blooms will add beauty all year round. If you have a large enough pot, plant two different coloured Bougainvillea plants in the same pot. Once the branches blend and they flower, the effect of two different colours can be brilliant.

6. Artificial Turf. The advancement of these products (the better quality ones) has come a long way. Some people are artificially turfing their whole front lawn. Sometimes you cannot tell unless it’s a drought and their lawn is the only green lawn left in the neighbourhood. Artificial lawns are exceptional around pool areas or spaces where you don’t get very good lighting. They also are exceptional for the busy person who just hasn’t got time to mow, weed, fertilise and trim/edge every weekend. You can hose them, rake them and your pets can do their business on them – no different from a ‘real’ lawn.

7. Tiling or Wood Finish Flooring. If your area is ordinary concrete at present, you have so many options for a renewal. Concrete coatings are one option. You may consider tiling the area or artificial timber flooring finishes which don’t look ‘fake’ at all.

8. Cushions, Candles & Artwork. An outdoor area (especially if enclosed) can become a whole other living space – add splashes of colour with cushions or candles. Select a theme and carry it throughout the space. You can even change these every so often as these things are easily replaced at a reasonable cost (and effort). Look for unique and beautiful artwork to enhance your space – either for the walls or table.

9. Paint, Maintenance & Repairs. Needless to say, it may be time to consider general maintenance items around your home, interior or exterior. Does your home need a new coat of paint? Is it time to get someone in to give some trees a decent haircut? When we see something day in and day out, we actually stop noticing the things which need action. Although possibly that might even be a little bit of ‘selective blindness’.

10. Tie it all together. This spring might be the time to do a complete enhance of your outdoor living area. Chat with us at Suncoast Outdoor Living about what options could be implemented at your home. Our extremely experienced sales manager (who is also the owner, so you know he’s got a vested interest in ensuring total customer satisfaction) can give you some ideas and suggestions to a new ‘facelift’ to the exterior of your home. Getting a wonderful new enclosure (we do pet enclosures too) with some fresh new pots, outdoor furniture and lovely fresh accessories will make your home the envy of your neighbours and somewhere your friends love to come and visit, share a wine or two and enjoy our beautiful Queensland outdoors.

We are all about enhancing outdoor living for our clients in Southern Queensland (and far northern areas of New South Wales). If you’d like to have a chat with us, just give us a call on 1300 137 081 or click on contact us on the web-site. Make a Spectacular Spring!