19 Jun

Improve Pet Safety with a Screened Pet Enclosure

Different councils within Queensland have different rules when it comes to our furry friends.

Many councils have local laws that aim to keep your pets safe. They also prevent pets from becoming a nuisance or menace to the neighbourhood.

Benefits of a pet enclosure

Pet enclosure with a dog poking his head through the dog door

By enclosing an outdoor area for your pet, you can ensure that they are protected from nasty things like:

  • injury from the native wildlife and other domestic animals,
  • death by animals and vehicles
  • disease
  • unwanted pregnancies

Having your pet enclosed can also protect our native wildlife.  Cats in particular are hunters by nature.

Cats don’t have to roam, providing their basic needs are met.  They enjoy longer, healthier lives when safely contained within your property.

Not allowing cats to roam also prevents nuisance behaviour such as spraying, defecating in neighbouring properties and fighting.

The power of our Phifer Tuffscreen Pet Mesh

Pet enclosure attached to a home in South East Queensland

Keeping our furry friends safe is one of the benefits of enclosing your outdoor area using our Phifer Tuffscreen Pet Mesh.

These enclosures are made so that not only do you know that your cat, dog or birds can enjoy the outdoors with their people, but they will also be protected from snakes, cane toads, mosquitos and all the other creatures we don’t want to hang around.

Protect your pets while maintaining the view

Installing a Suncoast Outdoor Living Pet Enclosure will maintain your views and allow the breeze to flow through the space.

 This ensures you have the perfect outdoor sanctuary for your pets to enjoy with their “Humans”.  

If you would still like for your pet to be independent and to be able to get outside, we also install Australia’s leading brand of pet door – “Petway Pet Doors” – which come in 3 sizes.

We believe your pet deserves the best so the pet doors are custom-built with their own frame anywhere within the screen walls.

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