Transcript: Tony Mora

The normal traditional screens on a house are only giving it parts of the day. So, having something that’s gonna withstand, you know, a lot of leaves, and twigs, and that falling on it for a period of time. They do have a lifespan on them, but it’s just a matter of getting it rescreened. At Suncoast, we use a very unique screening system. One of the biggest concerns when I go out and see clients, is that the screens are never going to go saggy and go loose. With this system, we use a very unique spline system. These screens will never go saggy. So, we can come back here in 10 years’ time, and they’ll be as taut and as straight as the days that we put them on.

8 different screen options

At our head office, we have a small display, which we’re able to show you the eight different screens that we have available. But people do it different…they have different needs for their enclosures, whether it be keeping the birds out during the day, whether it be containing their pets. The main reason that people enclose their patios is to keep out the leaves, keep out the mosquitoes, keep out the flies, make the area a lot more usable. Having a variety of different screens, we’re able to customise our enclosures to achieve that.

Customised enclosures

Experience enables us to come in and customise your enclosure, making sure that we are aware of the airflow. We are aware that the view is very important to you. And whatever our customer wants to achieve, having eight different screens we’re able to do this.

Just between the different screens, they all come from the same company. But having a great variety of screens means that we are able to give people a bit more privacy, from our heavier screens, which are a bit more dense, right down to our screen, we have a screen called “Better View,” so if people don’t even want to know the screen is there, the screen just disappears.


Having accessories such as blinds enables us to give that added value to people’s enclosure. Blinds, what we’ve found over the years is that blinds alone will not keep out bugs. Now, there are people out there that market them just to keep out bugs, but what we’ve found as soon as you put your blinds down, you do have gaps around the outside of them. You also start really restricting your airflow, so it makes the area quite uncomfortable. Having a blind system purely for shade and privacy enables you to control that area of that enclosure that you want to control, but you still got to have your fixed screening system behind it to keep out all the bugs.