15 Aug

Why install a pet friendly enclosure?

Your pets may be descended from wild animals, but that was a long time ago. Domesticated pets are at risk from disease, animal attacks and more whenever they wander beyond your home.

There are plenty of reasons for cats, and even dogs to be protected by a pet enclosure.

Pet enclosures in Brisbane


Cat enclosures have become a growing trend for cat owners in recent years for a wide range of reasons, including:

  • protecting roaming cats from ‘territory’ fights and injuries from other animals,
  • protecting cats from being hit by cars,
  • limiting exposure to Feline AIDS (FIV) by preventing interaction with infected cats,
  • stopping cats from escaping or getting lost, and finally,
  • limiting danger to local wildlife – cats have a natural predatory instinct and are known to go ‘hunting’ for birds, mice and other small animals.

In fact, on the Gold Coast it’s a requirement that your cat is contained to your property, for which an everyday backyard just won’t do.

If you want your cat to be able to enjoy the outdoors without the risk of injury or roaming too far, a durable outdoor enclosure is a great way to allow this.

But what about other pets…


While dogs can’t jump 6-8 foot fences quite as well as cats, they can still be at risk in your own backyard.

We worry about bugs and insects for ourselves while we’re outside, but don’t think of our furry friends. Dogs are curious and mischievous, sticking their noses in to all kinds of places, leaving them susceptible to spider bites, bee stings, and even mosquitos which can carry heartworm, something that’s deadly for dogs.

Another concern that is particularly prevalent in Queensland is the risk of snake bites. Pythons may be a larger concern for small dogs, but venomous snakes can certainly cause trouble for all breeds.

Only recently this video popped up from a Gold Coast backyard where an overly enthusiastic dog playfully chased a brown snake. 

A Suncoast Outdoor Living pet enclosure, made with pet-safe screens and aluminium frames, is durable and cannot be destroyed by their playful habit of scratching and climbing, nor can it be invaded by other outside animals, bugs and snakes.

So whether you have a cat or a dog, a pet enclosure is a kind way to allow your pet to enjoy playing in the outdoors without the risks. We also have a wide selection of pet doors for your convinced. 


If you’d like to find out about installing a pet enclosure in your home get in touch with us at Suncoast Outdoor Living today on 1300 137 081 .