15 Aug


Suncoast Outdoor Living is working with Ausdeck to give you the patio roof you need and that would include Insulated roofing.

There are two types of Insulated roofing. Ribbed and Corrugated.

The Ribbed and Corrugated is an insulated roofing system providing a pre-painted steel underside complete with tounge and groove roll foamed edge bonded to an insulating polystyrene core and a profiled roofing sheet on the top side, this is recommended for Patios, Pergolas and carports. The roof is a durable three-tiered roofing material which bonds a high tensile roof sheet and a smooth uderskin/celing.

An insulated roof is really built for entertaining. It is cool in the summer and warm in the winter and is the ultimate indoor area outdoors. You can enjoy your outdoor area all year round.