15 Aug

Referral packs supporting Blowfly Wines


Tony Mora our Managing Director wanted to make a referral pack to our wonderful customers and happened to meet a Director of the company Blowfly wines at the wine and food festival.

“The essential uninvited guest” means for Blowfly wines the cold winters would kill off unwanted pests, and the vines would emerge refreshed in September after a period of deep dormancy.

It took a few years and a lot of band-aids to work out the best strategy for working efficiently in the dark on only a few hours sleep, they were also able to perform ‘paddock sorting’—and if they didn’t like the taste of the fruit they were picking, it stayed on the vine (as did the leaves, bugs, lizards etc).

Referral packs

What better way than Suncoast Outdoor Living to be able to support this with “Create your own sanctuary” with the unwanted pests, while enjoying your enclosed patio or pool area.