16 Aug

10 Ways To Decorate Your Sunroom / Patio Room

The most exciting part of building a new room is decorating it. Yes, it can get overwhelming pretty easily but you shouldn’t let this take out all the fun in customising your new favourite room. To help you get started, here are a few tips on how to decorate your sunroom or patio enclosure.

Set a Theme for the Room

We know, you have a hundred ideas for themes running through your head right now! But to make things easier, decide first what you’re going to use the sunroom for. Will it be for lounging with the family? A quiet place to read? It could be anything, but the most important part is for you to identify how the room will be used to really know what steps you should take next.

Consider the Colour

Sometimes, this one feels like the biggest decision you’ll need to make when decorating a room. And while that is, of course, not true, it’s still important to consider your options carefully. After all, you will be seeing this colour for years! But don’t get too caught up with it. Remember to pick a colour that matches the room it is connected to so the sunroom doesn’t feel like an odd extension of the house. Whites and yellows are popular choices – a sunroom has to look bright after all.

Find the Right Furniture

The furniture in the room will be always exposed to sunlight, so you have to choose ones that are not easily damaged or pieces that age very well. Many opt to use wicker, iron, and rattan because those are reliable for outdoor furniture. In addition to this, the question of ‘how will we use this room’ is again an important consideration when determining what furniture you will need. Outdoor lounges, dining settings, sun lounges, storage options – it really depends on how you will be using the space.

Make Enough Space

No matter how good the decorating is, your priority should be to make sure that people can come and go into the sunroom easily. An over-decorated room will feel stuffy and cluttered. It’s also good to remember that the furniture arrangement should still allow a good view of the outdoors.

Use Curtains / Shutters / Blinds

Curtains, shutters, and blinds are all great additions when you want to have a bit of privacy while still enjoying the sunlight. Each of these options is available in a variety of materials so you’re sure to find something that will be in harmony with your chosen theme.


A rug gives the sunroom a more welcoming vibe. Not to mention that it adds colour and texture to the room. Natural rugs that are mildew resistant are practical to use especially when many people enter the room after being outdoors.

Get Creative on the Wall

The general idea is to not make the room look too busy. Family pictures are adorable and will complement a room when placed correctly. With the colour of the walls in mind, hanging paintings is also a good option.

Don’t Flood It with Plants

Some are tempted to bring the outdoor feel inside the sunroom by including a lot of plants but it’s better to keep it at a minimum. Bringing a jungle in defeats the purpose of having a good view of the greenery outside.

Mix and Match Accessories

A good centerpiece would be a great conversation starter. Emphasis on piece – there shouldn’t be too many. Glass sculptures and figurines are ideal decorations because they do not get damaged by the heat.

Have Good Lighting

You won’t need something that imitates sunlight because natural light will already flood the room in daytime. What you need is well-placed lighting to make sure the room is illuminated after the sun goes down. This would allow you to enjoy the sunroom at any time of day. And to add a homey feel to this section of your home, you could light up some scented candles.

Now, relax!

Don’t sweat it and take time to appreciate your labour of love once you’re finished. Spend time in it with your family and give yourself a much-needed pampering after all that work.


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