16 Aug

Are you really making use of your outdoor entertaining area?

Homeowners face many obstacles having an open patio or alfresco area, including pesky insects, wildlife and strays along with constant cleaning of air borne debris.

We tend to design houses with larger outdoor entertaining areas today but are we using that extra space to its full advantage?

Don’t let Mozzies ruin your outdoor area

A typical scenario is that we come home from a hard day’s work and decide to have a BBQ which is usually located in the patio area but after looking outside and seeing the mess created by leaves and dust along with the multiple bird droppings on the outdoor furniture we decide that it’s easier to eat inside, besides the mozzies are starting to come out now.

We still go outside to cook the BBQ with the chef the only person unfortunate enough to be exposed to the pests but the feeling of being outside after being in the office all day lessens the discomfort of the aerial attack.

Pool enclosure

The options available to make the outdoor area part of the house without losing that outdoor feel are great.


The common practice has always been to have screens on the doors of the house leading out to the entertaining area.  But, there are more people shifting the screening to the walls of outdoor area creating a seamless transition from inside to outside without losing that outdoor feel.

A good fixed screening system with access doors will heavily reduce any maintenance whilst still maintaining the views and breeze, although these benefits can be altered by different density screens. Other benefits include keeping your pets in a controlled environment and pool safe screen barriers are also available.


Outdoor blinds are a popular addition and are great for keeping the sun at bay and offering weather protection but shouldn’t be used for bug proofing if you want good airflow. Outdoor blinds combined with a fixed screens will give you total control of the area all year around but still make it feel like you are outside.

Along with good controlled lighting and outdoor fans and heating you entertaining area can be an area of family fun all year around.


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