19 Dec

It’s Christmas Time

With Australia being such a Multicultural Country, many of us celebrate the holiday season in different ways.  Whether you believe in Christmas or the traditions behind it, Christmas is certainly celebrated all over the country and world with gusto!

Sometimes the meaning behind Christmas is forgotten because of all of the marketing hype, but it is still fun and exciting for the children.  So many things happening at this time of the year.  Children are excited as they are now on their long Summer break, not having to go back to school anytime soon.  The Christmas fever has taken them over and they are getting excited about what Santa may bring them.

This time of year, can also be one of unhappiness for a lot of people.  They may be away from their families, they may have lost loved ones at this time of year, they may be alone or just not able to afford the Christmas that they want to give their families.  It just simply put, is not “The Happiest Time of the Year” for some.

If you know of someone who may be alone and feeling isolated, why not reach out and help to lift their spirits, maybe invite them to lunch.  Christmas is the time for giving after all.  If you cannot offer much, then just an ear or a shoulder is sometimes all they need.

A lot of shops have a place where you can donate gifts for children of different ages and also food.  All of these donations are distributed amongst those who need it the most.  We know, after all of the recent fire devastation, that Australians are a generous bunch. 

People can donate a little or a lot, every bit helps out in these hard times.  Whatever you donate, please make sure that it is something that can be used and in good working order.  There has been a lot of news coverage of rubbish being dumped at donation centres and also people “looting” these places during the night.  Where you can, only leave your donations when the premises are open.  This will help to stop people helping themselves and ensure that the goods go to those intended.


Many people also give up some of their precious family time and volunteer to serve a Christmas meal to those less fortunate than them.  Some families also volunteer as a family, so that they still get to spend Christmas together.  My own family is split over the country, so for me this can be a hard time of year.  Two of my own sons, their partners and my Dad live in WA, so I don’t get to share Christmas with them very often.

My eldest son lives in QLD with his wife and my gorgeous grandson.  He is still a bit little to get excited over Christmas, so I can’t wait for him to get a bit bigger.  For me the magic of Christmas is watching the children’s faces in the anticipation leading up to Christmas and getting excited over what presents may be left for them by Santa.

My Christmas is usually spent with my Husband’s family, sharing a BBQ breakfast, sitting outside under the patio.  We spend a couple of hours together, eat, swap presents and then go off to wherever we need to go.

This year, being one of the few that my husband does not have to work Christmas Day, we are hosting both breakfast and lunch at our home.  We now have a beautiful outdoors area, with an addition of an Insulated Patio, recently installed.  We are looking forward to showing this off to our families and sharing the day with them.


The Suncoast Outdoor Living office will be closed from December 20 and will re-open on January 6, 2020.  We will still be contactable over this time via email and the phones will be manned.  Do not hesitate to contact us with any of your Outdoor Living queries or requests for quotes.  We are certainly excited for the new year. 

Our Promotion to win a Cruise is well and truly underway and we have some awesome ideas for further promotions.  Check out our website to see how you can be in the running to win this Cruise. 

It’s really easy. 

All you need to do is look through our range of Pool, Patio and Pet Enclosures, Patios and Accessories, choose how you would like to create your perfect Outdoor Sanctuary, request a quote, pay the deposit and you will be put into the draw.

We are also attending the Brisbane Home Show in late February so keep your eyes open for more information.

Most of us get to enjoy at least a week off over the Christmas and New Year period.  To those of us who are fortunate enough to enjoy this break and to those who are still required to work, we at Suncoast Outdoor Living would like to wish you the best of the Holiday Season.  Please take care on the roads and stay safe.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.