Retractable Screens are another option available from Suncoast Outdoor Living. We can install these screens by themselves or have a combination of retractable and our unique fixed screens to make your outdoor area completely bug proof.

Our consultants will discuss with you to determine your needs and advise of the best options available.

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In the early years we tried and tested many retractable screening systems and found the best solution. The innovative Australian design was far superior to anything we had seen before and we were happy to put the Suncoast Outdoor Living brand next to Freedoms great retractable systems and give our customers more great options.

Freedom Retractable Screens® can be combined with our fixed screening system to enclose those outdoor areas that have design challenges giving our customers the best choices for their needs.

Innovative Technology

Unique to Freedom Retractable Screens® is the mesh-to-track retention system which stops mesh blowouts and sagging. This technology incorporates a zipper welded to the edge that glides through the unique slot in-track system, adding strength and allowing the screen to span to large widths. NATA accredited test results prove the incredible strength and innovative technology. The FreedomTM Infinity ZiplineTM system withstood static weight testing of up to 590kg.

The patented Freedom TM Brake System enables the screen to stop safely in any position along the track and eliminates unsafe spring-backs. No locks, no latches, the screen simply holds itself in place once stopped. The Braking System allows us to perfectly screen pillarless corners, where large doors meet in the middle, without the need of obtrusive posts or pillars.

Benefits of the Freedom Retractable Screens ® :

  • Engineered to last our harsh Australian climate
  • Offer a variety of premium UV resistant mesh options
  • Custom built to meet your specific needs
  • Variety of finishes and colours available
  • Pillarless corners; so no obtrusive posts or pillars
  • Options for long span screens available too
  • Access to the Freedom TM Infinity Zipline system
  • Limited five year warranty with a nationwide distribution network.