8 Aug

9 Top Things to Do Around Your Home to Improve Selling

For most people, their home is their greatest asset. For this reason, if you’re considering selling, then you want to do it right.

Presenting your home in its best possible light is more likely to affect a quick sale and to achieve maximum dollars. Your local real estate agent will give you tips, but before you even get them in – get some action happening.

Let look at 9 ways to improve the likelihood of a successful sale:

Look at it

I know, this sounds a little strange. However, we ‘see’ our homes every day and often don’t really ‘see’ things. Take off the rose-coloured glasses and really look at it. Perhaps even have a clipboard or note pad in hand. Look at everything which could be an issue for a buyer. Whilst your taste may include those cute garden gnomes, ask yourself – are they everyone’s cup of tea? You may love purple walls with bright yellow trim – but will the average buyer do? You can’t please all the people all the time, but let’s not displease 90% of the market.

Clean inside and out

Cleanliness is a critical factor when it comes to buyers looking at your home. Although you may think it’s a small factor and easily rectified, it can actually be the deciding factor. Dirt, mess, bad smells, mold and grime are just a few things that will put someone off. In a perfect world, we would all be buying brand new homes; but we can’t all afford a newbie, so we want as best as we can achieve secondhand. We don’t want it to feel used, worn and decrepit. Clean your home from top to bottom. Don’t assume someone won’t run a finger over the fans, or check a window sill or look in cupboards – they will and do. Make your home sparkle and give no buyer a reason to offer a lower price, because so much cleaning will be required. Buyers may also perceive a home which isn’t cleaned, as likely to not be well-maintained either and will wonder what needs repairing they cannot see.


If you’re moving, you have to do it anyway, so why wait. When a home is filled with ‘stuff’ it gives it a sense of smallness and yes, messiness. Start with removing the things which are going to go. Get ruthless. If it’s too good for the tip, then consider donating it or having a garage sale or selling on one of the hundreds of online garage sale Facebook groups. Then start packing all the things which are not necessary. Leaving around a few nice and select items or plants is fine, but on the most part, pack up things. If you need to stack boxes neatly in the garage, that is the least likely room to consider – and as long as it’s had its own clean-out first and it’s only a stack of boxes against the wall.

Highlight the benefits for buyers

If you believe your home has some wonderful features then highlight these to attract a buyer. If you have a lovely balcony or patio – then set this up as if you’re about to entertain. Some throw cushions, or candles and coloured placemats with a bottle of wine and some wine glasses at the ready to set the scene for what a wonderful home this could be for entertaining. Lighting is another fantastic way to highlight a space. Plants may also work (as long as they aren’t too large).

Beautify the garden

Make sure the yards are in good condition. Remove all dead plants, prune things back and water enough that everything is green and lush. Move beyond the plant life to fixing any cracks in the drive, painting the fence or balcony so that when someone walks into that yard, they feel only peace and enjoyment, and no anxiety at all. If you leave the weeds, mowing, pruning and painting go – it might not cost a lot to fix, but you are now highlighting the maintenance efforts required to keep the place nice. Instead make it look effortless. First impressions count, so stand at the street and look at your home …that’s what all the potential buyers will be doing.

Welcome natural light

Ensure the curtains are wide open and there is natural light in the home. Whilst some may like it cool and dark, the majority want as much natural light as possible. If you need, add lamps or feature wall or ceiling lights for the darker spots. A good electrician can do some amazing things with lighting for day and night purposes. When it comes to a showing or inspection be sure to open all the windows and turn on the lights. A bright room looks more inviting and bigger!

Repair & Repaint

Now is the ideal time to ensure your home is in tip top condition. Remember the first point – your list of things to fix and upgrade or repair. Make it happen. Work through that list; whether that be a coat of paint, new carpet, fence repair, replacing a broken screen or plastering a hole in the wall – get cracking and ensure everything is done. Yes, it will cost you a few dollars to do this, but it’s an investment. You will sacrifice far more at the negotiation table if you don’t.

Keep your cupboards organised

People will look. They will open your bedroom cupboards, the pantry, all the cupboards in the kitchen and bathroom. Those which are filled to the brim and about to burst will suggest the house lacks storage space. Having baskets (or better yet, just packing a good amount of it away) will give the illusion of plenty of space.

Remove all personal items

Particularly pack personal items – such as photos and trinkets from the kids or your wonderful overseas trips. Make the home feel less yours and then the potential buyer will feel like they are entering their own future home, rather than your home! It’s very important that the buyer can make a connection with the home and get a feeling it could be theirs. Your personal belongings all over the place really will work against you. Be sure to also not forget the walls when it comes to de-cluttering.

These are some ideas to help you sell – however, think about why you are selling.

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