16 Aug

Benefits of outdoor Screening

Why Queensland Homeowners Should Consider a Screen Enclosure for Their Patio, Pergola or Alfresco

Queensland homeowners face many obstacles having an open patio, including pesky insects, wildlife and leaves—a screen enclosure can provide a true bug and pest free experience, and allow for many other benefits, including:

Screen Enclosures Increase the Useable Living Area of Your Home

Adding a screen enclosure allows you more space and options for your home. Not only does it increase your home’s resale value, but the screen allowing for a breeze and a more open feeling to infiltrate your home. If your patio contains a roof, you can enjoy your outdoor space on rainy days as well, and even use it as an area to entertain family and friends.

Enclosed Patios, Pergolas and Alfrescos Protect Your Pets

For those who have indoor pets, but want to give them a taste of the outdoors, a screen enclosure can provide the perfect opportunity. Pets that are allowed to roam freely outdoors on average have a shorter life span than those that are kept indoors. That’s because outdoors your pet is likely to run into other animals and wildlife that may carry diseases or coast you pet harm and even be deadly. Keeping your pets inside but allowing them to go freely between your home and the enclosed pergola, alfresco or patio will allow them some of the feeling of being outdoors, while also keeping them protected.

Screen Rooms Offer a True Bug and Pest-Free Outdoor Environment

For most people, their love of the outdoors usually ends at the bug factor. Eating outside often becomes a hassle, when flies take a seat at your table. And mozzie’s are another concern. Staying safe from these and other pests is something that has many concerned and basically holed up as prisoners in their home. With a screen enclosure, you can safely enjoy the outdoors again, and do it truly bug-free.

Enclosing Your Pergola, Alfresco and Patio Can Help Filter the Wind

Screen enclosures can act as a wind filter, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors even on windy days.

A Screened Enclosure Allows for Shade

Let’s face it. In Queensland, we have some pretty hot summers. Screen enclosures create a comfortable shaded space for you to enjoy the outdoors. Screened in patios, pergola and alfresco also act as a protective layer from the sun, filtering the sun’s rays and decreasing the possibility of developing skin cancer or getting heat stroke.

A Screen Enclosure Offers Privacy

Another great benefit of a screen enclosure is that it offers privacy from your neighbours. The screen makes it hard for others to see in at you, while your view remains unimpaired.