24 Oct

Give your home a make-over for Christmas

Is it your turn to host a family gathering for Christmas this year?

Do you worry about not having enough space inside and everyone being squished and hot?

Let us help you create a beautiful, quality outdoor space for your home, where there is plenty of room for everyone.

At Suncoast Outdoor Living, we can measure, create and install your very own outdoor living area to enhance your home both in looks and value with the best quality and Australian made, where possible, products available.

We have a number of options available to you and by working with you, we can come up with a solution that is perfect for your home and needs.

If you don’t already have a covered area off your home, we have a variety of insulated patios to choose from.  These will be custom designed and built right on the premises to ensure that perfect look.

By choosing an insulated patio, you are provided with an area that is cooler and more comfortable in our Queensland summers but also keeps you warmer in winter.

The insulation acts as a barrier between your roof and the elements by reducing the harsh heat that we can experience but also the cold snaps that often occur during winter.  By installing a heater or a fan, this area will become usable in all types of weather and all year round.

It is also possible to extend your current outdoor space if you find that it is too small and not comfortable to host a gathering in.

If you already have an Alfresco or Patio area but are reluctant to use it because of the clean up involved, we also have a solution for you.  We can install a custom-fitted screening system which allows the breeze to flow, does not obstruct your outward view, stops the birds coming in and leaving their calling cards, stops the debris being blown in and landing on your furniture, but the biggest plus of all is – NOT having to share your meal with the bitey bugs!

Once your patio is installed, it’s time to decorate.

Depending on what kind of gathering or celebration you are having, with a few decorations, it is so easy to transform!

With Christmas only around the corner, you can make this a Christmas wonderland for the little ones by adding decorations, fake snow, a Christmas Tree and of course Santa!  Put up some fairy lights around the edges and some tinsel and Christmas is set to go.  You will be the envy of your family and friends.

Make it a true family experience and help your kids to make their own decorations. 

I remember sitting with my boys when they were little and cutting up strips of coloured paper and joining them together to make streamers with either glue (very messy) or staples and then watching their little faces light up when we hung them around the house.

Another fun idea is to make some candles and put them around your new patio.  Use an old jar and paint the outside with some paints.  Add a small tea light and watch the beautiful ambiance come to life.  There are hundreds of ideas for you and your kids.  Just look online and choose what gets your creative juices flowing.  Most of all, enjoy the fun that this creates and get excited for Christmas.

Christmas is now less than 2 months away.  If you are considering giving your outdoors a makeover, contact us today for an obligation free quote, 1300 137 081.