16 Mar

Let’s not forget about the humble Mozzie

Outdoor living area

The world is going into lock-down with the Coronavirus and all measures are being taken to stop the spread of this disease.

During these times it is easy to forget about the diseases that lurk in our own backyard everyday of the year, and how easily they can be spread.

Mosquitoes are with us year round, especially in the summer and wetter months. These nuisance bugs can spread a number of diseases and some of these can be fatal.

Queensland is a host to many different types of “mozzies” and each of these can impact on you, family and pets in different ways.

Watch our video for tips on How To Stop Mosquitos And Midges.

Types of Mosquitos

Saltmarsh mosquitoes – these breed in saltmarsh and mangrove areas around Brisbane. These areas cover much of the Brisbane coastline.

We notice large numbers of these mosquitoes after significant rainfall or high tides.  This is when these mozzies hatch.

The adults can travel as far as 10km and go to the inland areas as well.

The female is the one that bites and are very aggressive.

These mosquitoes have the capacity to carry Ross River and Barmah Forest Viruses.

Freshwater mosquitoes – as the name suggests, these breed in pools of freshwater.

These mozzies are found throughout SE Queensland in grassy drains, in rural areas and suburbs with open spaces.  Most suburban estates have these areas which are an ideal breeding ground for these mozzies.

Again, it’s the female that bites.

These mozzies carry Ross River and Barmah Forest viruses, as well as heartworm, which affects your cats and dogs.

Container mosquitoes – these mozzies breed wherever there is any kind of water. You find them in plant pots and basically any container that holds even the smallest amounts of water.

These are the most common types of mosquitoes in SE Queensland and though they may not carry too many diseased, they can cause the most annoying irritation when they bite.

These mozzies also include the Dengue and Asian Tiger mosquitoes – currently these mosquitoes do not inhabit Brisbane and everything is being done to keep them away.

Mosquito & Midge proof screens

Whilst there are some simple measures to keep the mozzies at bay in your home, most of these are chemical based. Suncoast Outdoor Living have a specialised screen that can keep these pests out of your outdoor living areas and also keep them away from your domestic pets.

We have seven specialist screens that are designed for different purposes. Two of these screens are mosquito and midge proof. They are custom built on site so that we can enclose any shape or sized Patio or Alfresco Area. We can even cover your pool with our Pool Compliant Screen to keep the bugs out of there as well.

By enclosing your outdoor area, you do not only keep the mozzies and midges away but also any other bugs, vermin, unwanted wildlife, airborne debris and birds. This creates valuable time in your busy lives as the cleanup time of your outdoor or pool area is reduced.

This way you can just go out and enjoy this area at any time of the day.

Maintenance on these enclosures is simple, just a quick wipe over with a soft broom and its done!

Some people worry that by adding an enclosure you will feel closed in. With our screens, this is not the case. Your view is maintained and the breeze still flows through. If anything, by having an enclosure you are able to open up the doors to your outdoor living area and leave them open without the stress of the bugs coming inside. This in fact makes your area feel larger.

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Keep your pets safe

Our pet enclosures are great as well. Most councils have laws stating that all domestic pets are to be confined to the boundaries of your property. We all know how difficult this can be. By adding an outdoor enclosure, you can keep your pets enclosed. 

Cats especially are known to wander. They will be able to go outdoors, by staying indoors! This way they will not wander, fight with other cats, annoy your neighbours, harm the wildlife or be injured or killed by cars. 

For those with dogs, we can add a pet door so they can still go out to do their business. We can also add things like a swing or sliding door so that you can access the remainder of your property.

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Our screening systems are the perfect mozzie solution for you and your pets.

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